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My name is Kate – let me tell you a little about myself.

I  live in London and have been a professional photographer for the last ten years.  I first started using a camera at a very early age, thanks to my step-father David.  I have a creative approach to the pictures I take and like to get together with the future couple  to discuss ideas that they have and chat about what I think could be done to make a great set of photos look even better.

I enjoy injecting fun into the day – a wedding should be enjoyed fully!  I also like to take photographs as unobtrusively as possible – many people, who look at the pictures after the wedding, didn’t even know they were being photographed.  For me, this is the best way to get natural shots that show the true character of the person.  Daniel, who is my 2nd photographer has the same approach and absolutely loves taking pictures.  He’s also very good at getting the ones you didn’t know were being taken.

I am available via skype, email or just the plain old telephone to have a chat.  If you are local in London, I would be very happy to meet you both to talk about your plans and ideas and what you are looking for.

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